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Our Story

When Chatbase started its journey in 2016, our goal was to help people more easily analyze and optimize conversational experiences (aka bots). Since then, we've processed hundreds of thousands of bots, and billions of messages and intents.

Today, with contact centers emerging as the leading enterprise users of bots, we're applying that experience to help them build AI-powered virtual agents (conversational IVR) by unlocking critical insights about customer interactions. They can use those insights to guide development and ongoing improvements with data -- finding more opportunities to complement human agents, satisfy customers 24x7, and reduce costs.

Why Chatbase is different

From the outset, Chatbase has been unique in going beyond health metrics to help customers analyze and optimize bots more quickly and easily, improving the end-user experience over time.

To do that, only Chatbase has access to Google's own machine learning capabilities for finding hidden functionality gaps and suggesting quick-win optimizations. No other service does more to ensure long-term customer success with conversational experiences.

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