ASUS Case Study

ASUS is a multinational computer-hardware and consumer-electronics company, and a leading manufacturer of motherboards, gaming hardware, and consumer laptops. In early 2017, with an increasing number of businesses adopting chatbots to provide better customer service, the company observed that conversational interfaces were going to become more than just another fleeting trend in IT industry.

Later that year, the company launched a project with the goal of building and evaluating different types of chatbots in order to find a model that would best meet the support organization's enterprise-class needs, and then proceed with a trial deployment. According to Ines Lin, Project Manager at ASUS, "When considering phasing in new solutions such as chatbots, factors like cost, global rollout feasibility/flexibility, and performance stability are really important." With an incumbent ICR (Interactive Chat Response) solution meeting the company's requirements in those areas at the time, "At least matching, or even outperforming, the ICR approach became critical for the bot's trial run in Q4 2017," says Lin.

ASUS determined that the quickest to way to do this evaluation would be to compare the bot's performance vs. ICR based on existing KPIs: monthly sessions, rate of human takeover, and success rate of the customer reaching the predefined answer webpage (also called the QA rate). "Chatbase Virtual Agent Analytics was an indispensable part of this process," says Lin. "The Chatbase dashboard helped us do quick and clear comparisons. For example, we found that year-over-year, the bot's session activity quickly matched that of ICR, the need for human takeover dropped steeply, and the QA rate increased."

Lin adds that Chatbase's "killer" Session Flow feature helped ASUS understand how its customers were interacting with the bot in the context of a conversation, and that the Message report powered by machine learning provided a critical "single source of truth" for understanding the different conversation styles used by customers, instead of having to rely on intuition.

Based on this successful trial, ASUS has since deployed two website-based customer service bots, with additional bots and channels to be supported in the near future. "Chatbase does a good job providing key information that we need in a really simple and easy to understand interface, and its support for multiple platforms is also invaluable for us for evaluating channels," says Lin. "We keep our chatbots at their best with Chatbase."

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